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I'm moving to Orlando in August to major in Marine Bio and I'm interested in getting some kind of job at SeaWorld or Discovery Cove. What I want to know is:

What kind of positions are open for a student like me (and I don't mean selling soda in neon green souvenier bottles), how much an hour is it possible to earn, and how many hours can I expect to work?

I want to get a job that's in my field but I can't if it won't pay the bills, yanno? I have to support myself through college. My safety net job is just transferring to the Walmart on Colonial Drive where I know I'll get my $8 an hour and get 40 hours a week (if I wanted to) working in the garden center.

But I wanna learn and earn money at the same time yanno? I'll have my scuba license (not like I'm expecting to get a job swimming with Shamu or anything....I'm a realist) if that would help me get a better job there.

But yanno what? I would love to be the girl in the wetsuit paddling around in a canoe in the dolphin area....yelling at people to hide their fish
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The paddling the canoe is part of Animal Care.

You could also look for a job in education (yakking about animals to visitors) or entertainment. I know Texas sometimes hires maintenance people, like the "dive and clean" thing. I was going to apply for that awhile back. Not sure if Florida has the same thing.

Anyway, some good info is here:
After having worked there for many years (and escaping also) your best opening bet without a degree in hand already is Education Department, which is basically education to the public about the animals, theyre habits and live ect. After you survive your 90 days they offer a "discounted" scuba class to teach any employee and get them certified (or at least they had that a few years ago).

If you already have a scuba license you could also try for animal care (non-training) or aquariums, both are fairly good jobs with good pay. Also giving you a decent chance to move up to training whenever you degree is complete.