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Sea World News
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Welcome to the LJ news source for the SeaWorld parks! Here you can find the latest updates on all three SeaWorld parks. It is run by me, xfkirsten so any questions should be directed to me.

At present, I am allowing all members to post news. However, I would like to make some restrictions:

1) Please only post news and updates on the parks. This is not the place for rumors about individual animals, nor is it the place for trip reports, your random photos, questions, etc.
2) Before you post anything, please be sure that it has not previously been posted. No one wants their friends page clogged up with 5 reports of the same thing. If you're unsure - read back in the community and check. I reserve the right to delete multiple posts of the same news.
3) If you post any news, try to give the source of the information (e.g. the official site, passport newsletters, etc.). This helps control the "Well, I read it on so-and-so's board" rumors.
4) If you have photos to go along with an update, by all means, feel free to share them! However, they should be placed under a cut to help peoples' friends pages load quickly. If you are unsure of how to do an LJ-cut, please visit the help page here.
5) Please make your entries readable! p05t5 typ3d lIk3 ThI5 4r3 4nn0ying!!1!!one!
6) Do not use profanity, slurs, namecalling, and so forth. This should go without saying. Also, this is not the place to debate pro- and anti- captivity arguments. Do not start them. Period.

I reserve the right to edit these rules in the future. If violation of these rules becomes too much of a problem, I will restrict posting access to a few "staff" posters. I also reserve the right to edit/delete posts that do not conform to these rules, as well as ban members who repeatedly violate the rules.

Here are a few off-site related links for anyone who is interested:
SeaWorld's Official Site
SeaWorld's Educational Site